Sergey Markofken
Artist operates in one of the most dynamically evolving contemporary art fields - Spin Art. The artist's studios are located in St. Petersburg and Dubai
Sergey Markofken creates conceptual art projects, constantly experimenting with the forms and possibilities of artistic material
In his paintings, he employs various specialised tools such as pendulums, spinners, and moving objects to create emotions and moods, each following a precisely defined trajectory set by the artist
Spin Art, although dating back to the 1950s, has gained significant development only recently

Since the 1960s, contemporary artists like Alfons Schilling, Annick Gendron, and Lawrence Stafford have explored this technique. Even Damien Hirst, one of today's most prosperous artists, has employed it in his works
As Sergey Markofken aptly puts it, An artist is not just their creations. An artist is defined by the meanings they reveal and convey to the world. It's these meanings that connect with their audience, uniting followers and admirers
Sergey Markofken's paintings are characterised by charisma and a unique emotional perspective on the world
While Spin Art has influenced the artist's work, Sergey Markofken primarily derives inspiration from the Form and Content of the world around him. Form is defined by nature's perfect colour combinations, while Content represents profound meanings and the artist's interpretation
Without formal artistic training and being unburdened by the clichés of classical art education, he creates his distinct imagery, translating a wide range of emotions and meanings onto his canvases, each offering a personal interpretation
Your meanings and ideas impact other people's lives. Your meanings are what truly matter for success. The artworks, in this sense, are secondary...
Sergey Markofken presents his work at both domestic and international exhibitions and auctions. He hosts captivating show-performances, delivers lectures on contemporary art, and collaborates with charitable organisations
03/2023 Markofken Art Space Gallery, Dubai Presentation of the Exhibition Project "The Majority Does Not Exist"
03/2023 World Art Dubai
International Art Exhibition and Art Performance
01/2023 Rotary Club Dubai Charity Club
Sale of artworks at an auction to benefit the charitable club
12/2022 "Person's" Auction House, Dubai
International Art Exhibition of Paintings
11/2022 "Gazprom Arena" Stadium, St. Petersburg
Performance in the form of a show, art exhibition
09/2022 Markofken Art Gallery, St. Petersburg
Presentation of the exhibition project "The Majority Does Not Exist"
09/2022 Masterpiece Fine Art Gallery in Dubai
International Art Exhibition "Soul Oasis: New Sincerity"
03/2022 World Art Dubai
International art exhibition, art performance
03/2022 Expo 2020 Dubai
International Art Exhibition and Art Performance
03/2022 Expo 2020 Dubai
Lecture on Contemporary Art
01/2022 Acqualina Hotel, St. Petersburg
Solo exhibition
10/2021 Art Square Gallery, St. Petersburg
Solo Exhibition and Charity Auction in support of the Advita Foundation
06/2020 Creative Space on Ligovsky Avenue
Art Exhibition and Show-Style Performance
Saint Petersburg, Nevski Avenue 41, Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace
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