Markofken Art Gallery – a new creative space, offering:
a permanent exhibition of contemporary artists' works, a creative workshop, an art bar, a platform for SPIN ART show performances
Markofken Art Gallery is in the heart of St. Petersburg, in the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace (Nevsky Ave. 41) – one of the most beautiful historic buildings of the northern capital
Markofken Art Gallery is the ideal space for exhibitions and auctions, show performances, lectures, poetry evenings, private screenings, and other cultural and creative events
For Artists
Markofken Art Gallery collaborates with curators and contemporary artists, providing gallery space for personal or group exhibitions
To discuss the conditions for holding an exhibition, send the artist's portfolio, information about the number of works intended for the exhibition, and the need for PR and curatorial support to the email address
Consultants from Markofken Art Gallery will gladly introduce you to the gallery's exhibition and assist in forming a personal collection, as well as in decorating residential or office spaces
For Collectors and Art Enthusiasts
Catalogue of paintings
At Markofken Art Gallery, it is possible to become a real artist in just a couple of hours, even if one has never touched a brush or painted before
Over 15 types of masterclasses for children and adults
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Saint Petersburg, Nevski Avenue 41, Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace
Markofken Art Gallery
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