Sergey Markofken is an artist operating in one of the most dynamically evolving contemporary art fields - Spin Art

The artist's studios are located in St. Petersburg and Dubai

Sergey Markofken creates conceptual art projects, constantly experimenting with forms and the possibilities of artistic materials

Master of Canvas and Paint

Sergey Markofken presents his works at domestic and international exhibitions and auctions, conducts show performances, gives lectures on contemporary art, and collaborates with charitable organisations
In the process of creating paintings, when splattering paint on canvas, the artist uses a large number of special devices: pendulums, spinners, rotating and swinging objects

However, all these objects do not spin by themselves, but with a specifically defined trajectory determined by the artist, creating a work that conveys the emotional mood of the author
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Sergey Markofken hosts captivating shows featuring DJs, ballerinas, dancers, and musicians

Art in Motion

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In this mesmerising spectacle, the process of creating art transforms into a genuine theatrical performance
In Sergey Markofken's paintings, one can see charisma and a special emotional perspective of the world that the artist transmits through his art

Art on Canvas

The idea of creating this work came against the backdrop of constant contradictions arising from the increasing discrimination of the rights of various social groups: ethnic, gender, religious, racial, sexual, and many others

The Majority Does Not Exist

Throughout the centuries, people have always grouped themselves into various factions identified by common interests, views, and principles, and first of all, they united against each other
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Just as bright and completely different colours lie side by side on the canvas, so can absolutely different social groups coexist with each other, avoiding discrimination and infringement of the rights of various kinds of minorities...
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Markofken Art Space and Markofken Art Gallery are ideal spaces for exhibitions and auctions, show performances, lectures, poetic evenings, closed shows, as well as other cultural and creative events
Located in the heart of St. Petersburg, in the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace (Nevsky Prospekt, 41)
Located in the business district of Dubai - JLT, on the 24th floor of a snow-white skyscraper
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By transferring paints from his canvases to stylish wardrobe items, Sergey Markofken makes things brighter, and contemporary art even more popular

Colours and Style

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Saint Petersburg, Nevski Avenue 41, Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace
Markofken Art Gallery
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